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Hi, I'm Tara. I’m a landscape architect and an English teacher who has joined two of my passions to help landscape architects and architects who speak English as a second language to find their voice. After moving to France in 2018 I realised how challenging it can be as a quiet introvert trying to learn a language and adapt to a new country while also trying to work and feel like you’re making a valuable contribution.

I remembered back to my first few years working as a landscape architect and having huge admiration for my colleagues who spoke English as a second language. I remember their struggles, frustrations and I admired their resilience to overcome these challenges even though it was clearly not easy. I would often offer my help where I could but always felt like I could do more to help. 

It would be another 14 years of working as a landscape architect and then becoming an English teacher that would help me to realise I could really make a difference to my fellow colleague's lives. When I created ArchiEnglish my mission was to spend more time listening, understanding how I could help and helping my fellow colleagues with the frustrations they so often talked with me about. I had no idea just how useful that would be for so many people. 

I might not have a typical resume, but my experiences are rich and diverse. Everything I have done in my life has strengthened my knowledge, skills and passions. Everything I have enjoyed learning throughout my journey comes with me to make my English teaching with ArchiEnglish an absolute pleasure. 

Landscape architecture

As a landscape architect, I started my career in a multidisciplinary office working with planners, engineers and urban designers. Then I gained more experience in residential landscape design and horticulture and began working as a landscape architect in a nursery in Melbourne. This allowed me to dramatically improve my plant knowledge and customer service skills. 


After volunteering to help a primary school with their kitchen garden  I discovered my burning desire to teach and I can honestly say that teaching is what gets me out of bed in the morning.  I obtained a Master of Teaching and headed to England to teach for 12 months, before returning to Australia to do both relief and art teaching. 

Language Learning & Teaching 

In 2018 left for an adventure to live in France where I have been teaching English to adults and children, working via distance for the Lygon Street Nursery in Melbourne as well as learning a language myself. I can honestly say I am very lucky to be able to do two things I'm passionate about. I love being an English teacher and seeing my students make progress and most of all I enjoy learning about how cultures communicate with each other.   

In 2020 I started teaching at KMITL University in Bangkok and I'm enjoying developing my online teaching skills and learning more about English Medium of Instruction teaching. I've also enjoying learning more about teaching across cultures and how to make teaching more effective. 

Why You Should Join Me

For me and many of my students, understanding the mechanics of the language isn't the biggest challenge. Lacking confidence, not having feedback (or not understanding how to interpret feedback), not knowing how to speak up and when and trying to find your identity in your English speaking work are some of the biggest challenges to overcome. 

So at the ArchiEnglish Network, we create an environment for you to feel like you can reduce your doubts and get the help and guidance to help you build your confidence.  

By joining the Network you'll have free access to exclusive only content made for the private network, you'll be able to ask questions and have discussions with other members and professionals in a similar situation to you.


Membership to The ArchiEnglish Network is free with other paid options including:

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A Big Thanks

Being a member of The ArchiEnglish Network helps us to make education more targeted and useful for you and others. 

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